Vention usb延長ケーブルオス3.0 2.0 usbエクステンダーコードハードディスク用テレビボックスラジエーターusb 3.0ケーブル延長.

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安くて割引 Vention usb延長ケーブルオス3.0 2.0 usbエクステンダーコードハードディスク用テレビボックスラジエーターusb 3.0ケーブル延長 ✓世界中で送料無料をお楽しみください! ✓90日間のバイヤー保護。 ✓イージーリターン。 ✓返金保証。

Product Discription

Vention USB 3.0 Extension Cable Type A Male to Male for Laptop Desktop Hard Drive Smart TV USB to USB Cable Extension


USB 3.0 Male to Male cable connects USB peripheral device with USB A port for speedy file transfer.It can also be used as an extension of USB 3.0 connection.
Note:The port type is Male to Male not Male to Female.
Noted: Does not support connecting two computers directly.


High quality cable ensure faster and more stable transmission.Up to 5Gbps transfer rate.10 times faster than USB 2.0 cables and transfer 1GB file in 5 seconds.It also Backwards compatible with computer USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 ports.


PVC Jacket for flexible and high tenacity,longer service life.Nickel-plated interface for wear-resistant,oxidation-resistant durable in swapping.


It compatible with Laptop,Desktop,All-in-one PC,Smart TV, Camera,TV Box and most USB 3.0 external hard drives with Type A port.
Note: Does not support connecting two computers directly.


We have this product in two specifications:
1:USB 2.0 Male to Male Cable
2:USB 3.0 Male to Male Cable.
Please choose according to your needs, thank you.

USB 3.0 Male to Male Cable

Two-way super-speed transmission

Wide Application

Fast Transmission

5Gbps transfer rate
transfer 1GB file in 5 seconds

Connect to Radiator

2A current,stronger cooling effect protect your computer

Connect to TV Box

Easily upgrade your TV box
to latest version

Connect to Hard Drive

Safe and lossless file transmission

Long Tail Design

Refuse to change cables frequently

Nickel-plated Interface

Wear-resistant,oxidation-resistant durable in swapping

High Quality Cable

Ensure faster and more stable transmission

PVC Jacket

Flexible and high tenacity,longer service life


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